Bread from the store kind of creeps me out what with all those chemicals, so I generally avoid buying it. I don’t make bread often either because of the huge time commitment (no breadmachine for me unfortunately) but this bread is fantastic. Fast, as far as bread goes, and nothing sacrificed for speed! This is the recipe I based mine off of and while my bread didn’t turn out perfectly it’s certainly edible, in fact I would say it’s downright tasty, and I have faith that the next batch will be better! 

I followed the recipe as stated, using three cups of all purpose flour, one cup each of rye, spelt and buckwheat flour. I allowed my bread to rise for longer than the minimum 45 minutes suggested but that’s mostly because I got distracted with other things. My bread didn’t rise a ton but I may have opened the oven to taste test during the rising time have a drafty place and again, have faith that next try will work better on that front. I am excited to try it out again, and will report back with how the rising times go.

No picture this time around, bread got demolished before photography occured. I will take pictures of the next batch I make.