As I mentioned a few posts back, I recently bought some new cookbooks. One of the ones I was most excited about was ‘Vegan Fire and Spice’, by Robin Robertson. A whole book of spicy food! All in one place! Yes, I was excited. Last night I tried two recipes from the ‘Caribbean’ section of the book.

I took a last minute picture that isn’t very good at all, but I made plantain fritters and Barbados-style grilled kabobs, and served this with quinoa and a salad. The verdict on the recipes? Not particularly great. Sorry, Fire and Spice. The plantain fritters involved grating plantains, and then seasoning them with salt, garlic, cayenne, and allspice. I think that the results of frying plain slices of plantain are tastier, and much simpler.

The barbados-kebabs called for seitan, but as that tends to do a number on my stomach, I opted to use tempeh instead (which I adore). Red pepper, onion, and tempeh/seitan were marinated in what was essentially a coconut milk and rum mixture. This sounded very interesting, but I don’t think that the flavours of the marinade were detectable once it was cooked (with orange pieces).  As you may have noticed, my kebabs are lacking kebab sticks, which I forgot to buy. Woops! Also, I broiled the kebabs, since I don’t have a BBQ. I think that this would have been pretty tasty if it were grilled, but also that that would have had more to do with the fact that grilled veggies are tasty, rather than the barbados-style marinade.

As a side note: apparently I’m at least part Bajan! (from Barbados). Not that you can tell from looking at me – I’m about as pale as they come, and I don’t tan, I crisp. I’d think I were being lied to, were it not for the fact that both my mom and my brother tan so dark and so fast that they look like native americans! Weird, huh?