Just a quick post about my new favourite pizza topping: eggplant! This pizza was so amazing – it had fresh whole wheat dough (VwaV) garlicky tomato sauce, roasted eggplant, thin zucchini slices, green olives, sundried tomatoes, and fresh roasted red pepper (why didn’t I do this sooner? Gas stoves are where it’s at!) We spread each bite of our slices with a little bit of cheezy white bean dip from Eat Drink and Be Vegan. Mmmm. I love that when you’re vegan, it’s so easy to get ‘extras’ like a pizza dip/spread to be a healthy part of the meal – beans and nuts!

I’ll be posting soon to show off some new foods that I’ve tried specifically for Chocolate-Covered-Katie’s new food challenge! So far, so good!

Also: since the name of this blog is ‘taleoftwovegans’, you might well be wondering where the second contributer is! K has been MIA recently because she is just finishing up moving (all together now: yeeeuuuuuugghhck), and will hopefully be back to posting soon! Speaking of moving, I’m off on an (almost!) cross-country train ride as of this weekend – I’ve already started a bag of ‘emergency’ food (lara bars reign supreme!), just in case. Gotta love traveling!