Katie of ChocolateCoveredKatie has an awesome contest going on right now – if you aren’t already on board, you definitely should be, because trying new foods is fun!

For the challenge, I tried a jicama. I’ve heard the taste described as what you might imagine an apple crossed with a potato would be like, and I would have to agree with that. Crisp and sweet, there is also a ‘starchy’ side to it. I ate mine raw in a julienned salad – recipe from The Food Network. I thought this recipe seemed like a strange combination of ingredients, but it was surprisingly tasty. Although jicama might not find it’s way onto my regular shopping rotation, I’ll certainly be buying again!

Too close!

Too close!

I also tried sunchokes/jerusalem artichokes. Eaten raw, these were crunchy with maybe a bit of a nutty and herby flavour – very peculiar. I also tried them sliced and roasted, but I think I may have undercooked them. Either way, they were definitely more ‘weird’ than ‘yum’.

I’m off tomorrow for a long round-about trip back to Canada, so this will likely be my last post in awhile, unless I snap some photos of restaurant food. By FAR the trickiest part of getting ready to leave has been readying the fridge. Today we went to Whole Foods for lunch, as there was nothing fresh left to eat in our house! Although it was nice to be able to grab a fresh and tasty vegan meal (how do they make chicken style seitan!? I really want to know how to create a stringy texture!), it sure is pricey to eat out.