I’m finally all settled into my new place, so here’s a post! It’s been so hectic while moving, and I definitely haven’t made any notable food in the past couple of weeks. However, what with the upheaval of relocating a kitchen, I tried some packaged foods I might otherwise not have. One of my favourite discoveries was Amy’s cheeseless roasted vegetable pizza.


This pizza is delicious! It’s a bit higher in both fat and sodium than I might otherwise eat, but there is absolutely nothing scary about the ingredient list, which I love. I definitely plan on keeping one of these in my freezer for any busy or lazy nights in the future. While you’re at it, grab one of Amy’s non-dairy burritos – also very good! I really like that this company has gone out of their way to make a tasty vegan convenience food. 

As a housewarming gift, my boyfriend’s aunt gave me a 4 litre (4!) jug of maple syrup! I had never seen such a large container! Anyways, now that I am rolling in riches syrup, I thought I would try making my own maple butter. If you’ve never had real maple butter before (none of that butter + maple syrup business), it is simple to die for – somehow it manages to be cool and sweet and crumbly and smooth and creamy all at once. I used these instructions as a guideline – I say guideline, because they didn’t work! (sorry, instructions). Anyways, I winged it (wung it?) and through trial and error made my very own maple butter! It is so delicious – dare I say moreso than storebought, since I used a darker grade than is typically used and therefore got a more maple-y flavour. I’m in love! 


that's a lot of maple butter!

Something I am equally excited about is this:


Not very exciting to look at, but this is what day 1 of  making my own kombucha looks like! I bought a starter mushroom from someone in the area, so I’m hoping that I’ll have success. Updates to come!