Last Sunday I started fermenting my own Kombucha tea. This is what’s happened since then!

Day 3: IMG_1257If you look behind the first mushroom, you can make out the second one – it’s new! And big! I was so impressed that this grew so quickly. Here is a slightly more terrifying picture of what’s going on in the murky depths of the cookie jar:IMG_1262I’m really not looking forward to dealing with all the scuzz that’s accumulated in the bottom. Ick!

Day 7:IMG_1265This is the first day I took the jar down from it’s home on top of the fridge. What you can’t tell from the photo is that the hazy looking surface is actually solid. Crazy, right? Anyways, I spooned myself off a few sips, and am happy to report that I am well on my way to tasty AND affordable kombucha. (the alternative was trekking into the closest giganto-city and spending 7 dollars a bottle on the stuff. no thanks!)

A tonne of bloggers have posted about Vegan Brunch. I myself have tried only a couple recipes, but everything I’ve tried has been delcious. The whole wheat crepes are by far the most successful crepes I’ve made to date – and they were 100% whole wheat! I’ve been raving about the ethiopian lentils for a couple days now – that recipe is worth learning to make proper injera for! On the flipside, it hasn’t all been good, as I’ve now decided that I simply MUST have a waffle maker – oh dear! Haha.