I’ve been slacking on the blogging end of things recently. Partially to blame is my discovery that I feel most excellent when I avoid gluten! While this is great news, I haven’t been too adventurous with my meals. I have to admit though, I’m a bit bummed out that I feel SO much better sans gluten. I love me some bread, and I was definitely just getting really into bread baking. Ah well.

So, the OTHER big news (even bigger news, maybe?) is that I now have one of these beasts in my kitchen:


mine didn't come with all that fruit...

What with my GF experiments, this couldn’t have come at a better time! So far I’ve only ground fresh rice flour, but I’m looking forward to making more of my own GF free flours in the future.

I’ve been enjoying one of these (kale, flax meal, fruit and either hemp or almond milk) every morning:


yumyumyum...and so healthy!

And have been busily blending up all manner of (ultra) creamy things. I had no idea how much I used a blender until I went a month without one! I’m making up for lost time now!


The slimy looking bits on top are onions, I promise.

Something that I’ve made recently that I managed to snap a pictures of was this bowl of deliciousness: My boyfriend recently celebrated a birthday, and pho was his birthday meal request. We’ve tried a few recipes for vegan pho, and I hadn’t really enjoyed any of them…until now. We used the recipe (almost verbatim) from Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews by Nava Atlas. This soup was amazing. If you’ve never encountered pho before (I hadn’t!), I do urge you to try it. Basically, you fix yourself a bowl of rice vermicelli (we used brown rice vermicelli), something filling and substantial – the chew factor? – (we used some leftover satay tofu), and some raw veggies (carrots, cucumber, green onions, cilantro. Then, you ladle a particularly delightful broth (flavoured with lots of ginger and garlic, five spice powder, and in our case, fresh shitakes) into your bowl and call it a day. Or a meal. Or both, because it’s just that good. Yum.

Speaking of which, our brown rice vermicelli claims that 1/8 of the package (we usually use 1/4 package for a meal for 2) contains 50% of your RDI of iron. Is that even possible? If so, awesome, and if not, it’s particularly good vermicelli anyhow. I am curious though, because that seems like a ridiculous amount of iron for a noodle.

And since my rampant consumerism in the form of a vitamix has already taken over this post, lookee what I found today!

AAAADHNEmxgAAAAAACsIJQI’m totally enamoured. I have ridiculously wide feet, so I figure to find cute shoes that are wide enough AND vegan AND cheap AND decent quality is always cause for celebration. I have a couple pairs of Steve Madden shoes now – I don’t think they are in any way a vegan line, but they do seem to have many styles in pleather. Also, I lovelovelove most of their shoes. Win!