For the longest time growing up, I despised avocado. However, when I went vegan almost a year ago, I really wanted to see if I could get myself to learn to like it , as it is such a good source of healthful fats! Although we got off to a rocky start, avocado and I are now best buddies. Seriously, I cannot get enough of them. Isn’t that great? I would love to think that I can apply my learn-to-like mentality onto the few other things I avoid eating, but I have my doubts. Somehow I don’t think my disdain for beets will ever be tempered (which is sad, because they are so bright and wonderful!).
Anyhow, one of my favourite things to do with avocado is to make a simple avocado sushi roll. With this particular meal in mind, it was with great dissapointment that I realized I had a perfectly ripe avocado and absolutely no nori in the house. Short of a grocery trip, I decided that a sushi bowl ala Emily (although she does a raw version!) over at Curly Top was in order. Of course, I figured out after the fact that the idea of a sushi bowl has been around since the stone age and is hardly creative or exciting. However, it is so darned good I’ve decided to post about it anyhow.


This is totally something you can adjust to suit however you like your sushi! For two servings, I cooked:

1 c. brown rice, and then seasoned it to taste with rice vinegar and agave, and then topped it with
-1/2 small cucumber, quartered and sliced
-1 small carrot, thinly sliced
-1 avocado, roughly diced
-1/4 c. arame, rehydrated in a small bowl of boiled water

Dust generously with sesame seeds (unroasted for all that calcium goodness!), and serve with tamari and a blob of wasabi paste. Mmm! I made this for lunch again today the exact same way, but I can totally see myself throwing in tofu or green onions or any other number of tasty things.


This is the first year I’ve ever done the majority of my shopping at the farmer’s market, and I am really liking seeing all the seasonal changes in produce. This week had me buying local peas and cherries, and the biggest bunch of basil I’ve ever seen. I cannot WAIT until peach season! Here’s my most recent haul, complete with some decidedly un-local things.  I was so excited to finally find kohlrabi (those are those two funny looking green lumps to the right). It’s a good thing they were labeled, or else I never would have known what they were! Anyways, I’ll be sure to post if my experiments with this new food are successful.

On a completely different note: Should you ever think that roasting itty bitty rounds of a chinese eggplant to put on pizza sounds like a totally cute and awesome idea, learn from my mistake and don’t do it. Those things are pure seeds, and totally need to be in big, steamed chunks to be good. Haha. Woops!