…of reasons that it is super important to have a boyfriend (or friend, or relative!) who has an address in the states:

Reason #1) You can finally order all the stuff that you’ve wanted from Pangea for ever and ever, and pay less on shipping:

IMG_1379I’m super excited to try the soy curls – I’m hoping that they will be somewhat like seitan in texture. As for the other stuff, can you say vegan junk food? Heck yes. Last night we broke into a Jokerz candy bar (from GoMaxGo, in case you haven’t heard of this company yet!), which is reminiscent of a snickers bar – caramel, nougat, and peanuts in a rice milk chocolate coating. I could have used a bit more milk chocolate, but check out all that caramel! It was truly awesome. (although not entirely gluten free, as I discovered post-demolition. Woops)


Reason #2: You can order stuff from Amazon, and pay less on shipping: (sense a theme here?)

IMG_1381I’ve been wanting to read the China Study for ages now, and the first couple of chapters have been quite interesting. The DVD snuck into that photo, but is actually a gift. Anyways, I know this is supposed to be a food blog, but I just wanted to mention how entirely awesome the DivaCup is. I’ve had mine for only a couple of days, but I couldn’t be more impressed (good timing, hey?). Anyways, I can’t see a reason why any woman would regret trying it – even the price isn’t prohibitive – less than 20$US on amazon. com right now!

Reason #3: Afore mentioned boyfriend (or friend/relative!) can go to Whole Foods and bring back things that are hard to find/really expensive in Canada:

IMG_1376All that tempeh! It is seriously less than half the price from his Whole Foods than from my local store, even with the currency difference. And yes, that is three jars of peanut butter. I promise not to eat them all at once.  : )

Reason #4: When said boyfriend (or friend or relative!) comes back from his second home in the states, you will feel compelled to do nice things for him, like bake him bread you can’t eat! IMG_1389Snobby Joes from the Veganomicon (so simple and so tasty!), on fresh light rye bread from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice. It looks like it turned out really well (and it got rave reviews!). It also felt awesome to bake bread again – it’s been a while! I wonder if it would be possible to be a bread baker that doesn’t eat gluten? Haha, somehow I doubt it!

I love Canada, but for some things the States just can’t be beat!

(Well actually, some parts of Canada really stink – like seal heart eating politicians, and the rodeo at the Calgary Stampede, and all that good stuff…)