This is primarily a food blog but, for me, being vegan is more than just a dietary choice, it’s a lifestyle. I would have a pretty hard time taking myself seriously, and I imagine others would too, if I was going about extolling the virtues of eating vegan while wearing leather shoes and driving a gas-guzzler. To me veganism is respecting the planet and its inhabitants.  Doing so, on the other hand, is not that easy. However the internet is a wonderful thing and I present to you my notatallconclusive list of vegan-friendly products/companies in installations. First up, shoes:

One of the hardest things for me has been finding attractive, well-made, non-leather shoes. Well actually it’s more about finding them in person since my feet are ridiculously wide. However, for you folk who can order off the net, here goes!

Beyond Skin

Charmone (some day the ‘Cinnamon’ shoes will be mine, love them so much!)

Cri de Coeur

Earth  (not all vegan, and uh not so attractive, in my opinion anyway)

Form and Fauna

Melissa (these shoes are all made of plastic and I am not sure of the manufacturing process so, while vegan, may not really fall into the ‘environmentally friendly’ category)


Moo Shoes(if you haven’t heard of them already, this is an all vegan online shop, many brands, all vegan!)



Olsen Haus

Toms (not all vegan, and not super attractive, but doing a good thing – for each pair purchased, they donate a pair to an underprivileged child)

I would love to hear of other companies in the comments and if any of you have any experience with these companies!


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