I had fun posting my eats from last night, so I’m going to do it again!

This was my supper tonight:


This is the quinoa, black bean, and mango salad from the Veganomicon. I subbed in basil for cilantro, since I failed to remember that I didn’t have cilantro, and I used yellow pepper instead of red. It was tasty, but it’s definitely better with cilantro. I omitted the grapeseed oil and threw some pinenuts on top after I snapped this photo. With some romaine lettuce ‘scoops’ (arranged all posh-like, might I add!), this made a nice light supper. I should record all my eats over the course of a single day, just for fun – I tend to be madame snacky-pants, and I think it might put seemingly small meals like this into perspective! However, I think that forcing myself to document EVERYTHING would lead to, um, better choices than I might otherwise make. Probably a good thing, but not necessarily honest! : )

I promise my next post will me more substantial, but I mostly wanted to share an article I found through another blog, about Sigg Waterbottles. If you’re like me, all the news of BPA leaching made you terrified leery of your Nalgene. I’m sure I got my fair share of chemicals – I used a Nalgene all through my summer camp years, where my water bottle would often heat up in the sun and not be emptied for weeks at a time. Gross, I know. Anyways, for the longest time after I ditched my beloved Nalgene, I didn’t have a water bottle, but I finally found a Sigg bottle that I liked enough to buy this past spring – because, you know, a pretty pattern is clearly a determining factor in a decision like purchasing a water bottle….what, just me?  Check out the article here. Anyways, I was really relieved to find out that my model has one of the newer, BPA-free liners. I would be pretty upset were that not the case! Make sure to check that your Sigg is safe! And, for posterity’s sake, here is my lovely Sigg:

siggAccording to my calculations, water drank from patterned pink waterbottles tastes at least 2.5X better than it otherwise would. Am I right or am I right? : )