Ok, so I promised my next update would be more substantial, but I may have lied. Truth is, I’ve been eating lots of no-recipe meals, and when I do make something in particular, I’ve been cooking lots of old favourites. I think I’m in a rut! My plan is to get all sorts of veggies that I don’t usually buy next time I go shopping – that should sort me out quickly!

In the meantime, may I present to you the third installment of Everyday Eats, ala Eve.

A gigantor lunch salad – (dare I say Hugh Jass?):


This beast consisted of mixed greens and romaine, 1/2 tomato, some yellow pepper, some red onion, some mango, a grated carrot, and black beans. Drizzled with a cumin lime dressing (not from, but likely similar to the one in ED+BV), this was really, really tasty. This is my absolute favourite sort of lunch, I think – afterwards I am full without feeling too full, but it leaves me ready for a midafternoon snack. Perfection!

Make sure you head over to Love Veggies, Yoga, Running, and Chocolate (phew!) and enter the Zevia giveaway! And while you’re there, check out some of the most intense yoga you’ve (well, me, at least!) ever seen! I know I would like to try some stevia-sweetened beverages. Currently, I’m pretty much against stevia sweetened things, based on taste alone (pass me the agave, thanks!), but if this stuff is tasty, I think it would be a nice treat.