Well fall is officially upon us and for many of us, particularly us Canadians, that means hauling out the warmer clothes from the back of the closet. Unfortunately cooler weather brings to mind down-filled jackets, woolen mittens and the like, not particularly vegan-friendly. Sadly there seems to be a general lack of vegan-friendly outerwear but I have been combing the internets and here is what I have come up with:

Warmer-weather coats:

This sweater-jacket by Prarie Underground is made from 100% organic cotton fleece. At $240 it’s not what I would call budget friendly since it certainly wouldn’t be warm enough for a Canadian winter, but for those of you in milder climates, this might be an acceptable jacket.

Cloak Hoodie

This lined cotton-polyester coat by Stewart Brown will likely do for chilly fall days, and at $90 right now, is not a bad deal at all.

Cotton Coat

I am placing this cotton coat by Juleselin under the warm weather category because I am not convinced it looks warm enough to be a true winter jacket but if it is, its a steal, clocking in at $198.

White Coat

Nau’s Jacket in recycled polyester would be perfect for those of you who live in wet, rather than cold climates and its stretchy, making it perfect for outdoor activities!

Nau Jacket

Cool Weather Coats:

Alas, there are few truly warm vegan coats that I have come across. Despite this, one company comes through for us! Vaute Couture is a relatively new company that specializes in vegan winter coats, how fantastic! The only downside is that they only make a few designs each season and the coats are relatively pricey, but if you have the budget, I would say go support a small, vegan business!

Of their offerings this season, this particular coat looks like the most promising for those folks anticipating sub-zero temperatures in the coming months.

Vaute Couture Pea Coat


As always, I would love to hear your experiences and suggestions in the comments. Happy coat shopping!


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