Vegan Mofo

My first Vegan Mofo post! So excited to be participating this year! Unfortunately this post isn’t super exciting but it’s a little project I will be posting about every once in a while.

I think as a vegan I was getting too relaxed with the idea that of course I was getting enough veggies! However, I am not sure that is always true, so I am embarking on operation eat more veg! The food guide suggests 7-8 fruit and vegetable servings for me but my aim here is to go for 7 servings of veg and then supplement the rest with fruit. Go big or go home! That said, I am going to be recording my daily eats to see how I do.

Enough blabbering, onto the goodies!



Kale and Mango Smoothie:

 This contained a packed cup of kale : 2 servings of vegetables

1 cup frozen mango chunks: 2 servings fruit

1 1/2 cups soymilk: 1 serving dairy alternative

1 tbsp hemp seeds: meat and alternatives?



1 spicoli burger (from Eat Drink and Be Vegan) plus two mushrooms, one bell pepper and a chunk of cucumber: I am guessing at 2.5 servings of vegetables here


1 1/2 cups tempeh mixed veggie chili: 3 servings vegetables, 1 serving meat alternatives 



Raisins and almonds: I would say probably a serving each of fruit and meat alternatives

Toast with an embarrasing amount of cinnamon sugar spread (I was having a sweet-attack moment!): 1 serving grains and crap-food each!

Chocolate pudding: 1/2 serving dairy and alternatives

Whew! I have to say, this has given me a newfound appreciation for those foodbloggers who blog ALL their eats, ALL the time!  Also, 10-hour rehearsal days don’t make for super inventive eats but I am pleased that by having an assortment of veggies in the fridge, I had plenty to choose from for packing food in the morning!

Sooo, how did I do? Here’s my days tally:

Vegetables: 7.5 servings, yay!

Fruit: 3 servings (that makes for 10.5 servings of fruit and vegetables-excellent meeting of requirements!)

Grains: 2 if I am being generous (counting the rice in the spicoli burger) erm, maybe this should have been Operation eat more grains…


Meat and Alternatives: Probably about 2.5, not bad although I think this is probably more than usual but hemp seeds are a complete protein and I have them in my morning smoothie all the time, so pah!