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…..tasty, tasty gluten. If you’ve been following this blog for a little bit, you probably know that I have been largely gluten free since around June (I’ve had a few run ins with barley extract and the like). I think steering clear of things like seitan has done me well, but I’m not convinced I’m at all allergic to gluten, I think I just do best without it. That said, I can only read so many posts about delicious seasonal baked goods, people! It’s been my plan for a while to reintroduce some gluten back into my diet, and I finally took the plunge today with these delicious apple pecan spice spelt muffins.


These are based off the recipe for Apple Walnut Muffins (made with barley flour) in Simple Treats. Simple Treats is a cookbook that is definitely under appreciated around my house – it’s full of wheat and refined sugar free recipes, which I’m all about. Check it out!

I replaced about a third of the spelt flour with sorghum flour, and the resulting muffin was tender and delicious, if not a little dry (I think I overbaked them slightly). I halved the recipe but still ended up with the dozen muffins that the orginal recipe claimed to yield. Those would have been some big muffins! Other modifications included omitting the sucanat and using more maple syrup, reducing the oil and adding applesauce, and using less apple than it called for (although I think more apple might have been better, actually!) Gluten-y success!

Does anyone else see what I see?

angry muffins

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