First I am going to distract you with pretty pictures of fall in my area. Then I will tell you my super exciting news! Actually, I think it may only be super exciting for me (although if so, Eve feigned interest most superbly earlier today when I told her).

 I love fall so much, it’s so beautiful outside and the perfect temperature (usually anyways) for outdoor activities.




Ok, so Canadian thanksgiving is past and American thanksgiving a ways off but this weekend my family is having a ‘faux thanksgiving’ as we are all going to be together. I am super excited because I managed to convince them (serious meat and potato people) to make this a meat-free venture! This is actually a really proud moment for me; my whole vegetarian journey has been quite the experience for them and they have come so far! Seriously, when I first went vegetarian my brothers and dad would basically refuse to eat anything I was eating because it was ‘vegetarian’ even if it was stuff they had eaten regularly before. I am sure they never thought they would ever agree to a big vegetarian feast! A menu has been planned and it follows:

Maple roasted pear salad

Cranberry soup

Chestnut stuffing


Quinoa stuffed Acorn squash

Variety of veggies (Brussels sprouts, parsnips, potatoes)

Cranberry Tart

Pumpkin Pie

Don’t worry, I will be sure to recap after its done, that is if I am still alive! That is a lot of food for just five people-I keep telling them we need to invite people over so we can make more food!