It’s been cold, wet, and blustery for the last couple of days where I live, so today I made a big pot of gumbo for myself that really satisifed my cravings for something warm and stewlike. The gumbo is question is the sweet potato, okra, and chickpea gumbo from Susan of FatFreeVegan. How does this woman not have a cookbook?? Everything I’ve made from her blog has been totally delicious. Her recipes are often for foods I’m unfamiliar with (like gumbo!), and use spices that are definitely underutilized in my kitchen – like in this gumbo – paprika and thyme. Yum!


I subbed lima beans for chickpeas because that’s what I had, but lima beans strike me as being more gumbo appropriate anyways. I served this on a bed of quinoa, which is doing a spectacular job at hiding in that photo!

Sometimes I imagine raw foodists cringing at some of the food I eat. (“You simmered your entire meal for an hour?!”)Β  Although my forays into raw-ish meals has gone by the wayside in light of the cooler temperatures, I made and enjoyed the raw chocolate avocado mousse that has been floating around blogs as of late. I’m not sure where the recipe is originally from, but I used an avocado, some dates, a couple spoonfuls of raw cacao powder a squirt of agave, and a splash of not-at-all raw almond milk to make mine. While the taste is very good, it’s the texture that really reminds me of mousse – somehow the avocado whips up into something that seems much lighter than you would expect.


And finally, check out this behemoth that I snapped a photo of a couple nights ago!


Fortunately, he was on the other side of the glass from me, or I wouldn’t have stuck around to take a picture! While my apartment had its fair share of spiders and other assorted creepy crawlies this summer, I suppose I am fortunate to have never crossed paths with anything this size! I usually try to re-home bugs to the great outdoors – a procedure that usually yields movie-worthy shrieks and flailing, no matter what the size of the insect in question is!

….I’m such a girl.

Have a good weekend! πŸ™‚