Ever since I’ve had a vita mix in my kitchen, virtually every morning has started with big green smoothie. Otherwise, besides grinding my own chickpea and rice flour I haven’t really pushed the vita mix to do anything regular blenders can’t do – which isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate how fast and easy it is to blend things like nut based sauces so perfectly! I definitely wanted to try juicing, and I finally got my hands on some nut milk bags, so I thought I’d record my first attempt!

First, here is what I used:

IMG_2003All chopped up and ready to go – I added 1/2 c. of water to get things moving, but I think I could have used less:

IMG_2006Super pulpy post blending:


After squeezing it through the nut milk bag, I was left with a bit of pulp:


…And a big glass of juice!


Delicious! With a bit of warmth from the ginger, this was a little more pleasant to drink on a fall morning than a cold smoothie. As an aside, a juice this size (2 cups, or 16 oz), costs $6 from one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants, which makes my nut milk bags worthwhile in just a single use! 🙂