I know this isn’t food related but it’s my baby’s birthday and I can’t go without mentioning it. Today is my beautiful bunny rabbits birthday, he turns 10!! (I am pretty sure anyways, if my rather convoluted math is correct) Anyways, he is part big baby and part old man and I love him to death! Besides, he is a vegan, so it kind of fits in with Mofo…

Anyways, enough with the blabbing, time to meet the little fellow. His name is Snowy (yes, so original, but I was pretty young when I got him) and he is an albino Rex, which means he is super soft. He is also ridiculously laid back, and has mellowed even more as he has gotten older.

So, here are several sides of him:


Snowy eating raisins

Relaxed (this is a very common state!):

Lazy Snowy

Harvesting food like a wild bunny (this be lettuce from my parents garden):


Snuggling/being a big baby!