When Mihl of Seitan is My Motor posted a recipe for gluten free lemon poppyseed muffins this morning, I knew immediately that I had muffins in my future. These were absolutely delicious gluten free muffins! I opted to use sorghum instead of rice flour, and added some vanilla. If you are gluten free and bemoaning the dearth of good muffins in your life (like I was!), go make these! πŸ™‚



I wanted to share my discovery of the Best Soy Milk Ever:


Natura! This is a Canadian company, so I doubt most US or international bloggers have heard of it. However, if you’re reading this and you live it Canada, definitely seek it out! So, why is it the best soy milk ever? (and no, they’re not paying me!) πŸ™‚

For starters, it is delicious and perfectly smooth and creamy (Vitasoy, you and your goopy bits of sludge are dead to me!), and is much lower in sodium than my two other favourite brands (Natura: 40 mg/cup, Silk 95 mg/cup, Almond Breeze 150 mg/cup, yick!) It also wins points from me for saying ‘vegan friendly’ right on the side! And best of all, it’s organic, but somehow still cheaper than the sneakily nonorganic Silk (I JUST discovered that the containers of Silk in my pantry are not organic, unbeknownst to me until about 2 minutes ago, what a dirty labelling trick!), at least in my grocery store. I’ve only tried the vanilla ice cream, and it is definitely delicious. I find it funny that they make only four flavours of icecream – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and…maple. Does maple seem like an unusual choice for a fourth flavour to anyone else? I must try it!

In any case, this is a great brand, and likely one I’ll be sticking with. My only compaint is that the soymilk is not supplemented with selenium (perhaps I should just get my brazil nut eating skills up to snuff, yes?), and while I love the chocolate soymilk, I don’t love that it has added fat in it (although that’s probably why it tastes so darn good!).

And finally, happy end of MoFo to everyone! I sortof fell off the posting wagon at the very end, but I loved reading everyone’s posts. Living alone and coming up with even remotely blog-worthy food is not always easy! Well, at least for me – it seems these days I end up eating leftovers for breakfast and smoothies for supper, I’m all turned around! πŸ™‚