I was thinking about grocery shopping for the week yesterday afternoon when it occured to me that I really wanted to eat some raw meals. So, I whipped out my favourite raw food websites and cookbooks, and planned accordingly!

First up was a raw sweet potato and apple soup based off of the butternut squash and apple soup in this great post from Gena at Chooseing Raw. I ran the blender until it was just warm, so it hardly seemed raw at all!


And for supper, I made Black Pepper Cheeze Stuffed Anaheim* Chili Peppers with Mole Sauce from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen.


*I used the only type of pepper that looked decent at the grocery store, which my internet scouring has led me to believe was poblano. Whatever they were, it was sortof like eating a regular green pepper, with no heat at all. In any case, this meal was very tasty. You can’t really tell from the picture, but those peppers were HUGE – they’re sortof obscuring the black pepper cheeze inside them which is unfortunate because it was the highlight of the meal. I cut some of the cashews in it with some red pepper, which worked really well. The mole sauce was made out of celery and tomato, which I thought was pretty neat – I’ve never had any sort of mole sauce before, so I didn’t have much to go off of, but I liked the spice and flavour of it.

And finally, here’s a sneak peek at a critter post of my own that I’m hoping to do sometime in the future (perhaps when I have willing subjects? I certainly have a new appreciation for pet photographers!) If you want to see some great creature pictures, go check out K’s birthday post for her bunny Snowy.


Mimi, commander of all that is squash.