And, more importantly, that I’ve been eating!

Exhibit A: Spicy Tempeh Nori Rolls (Veganomicon) – these little rolls are so tasty, and I make them fairly regularly. I suspect that my version isn’t exactly like the recipe, since I use sesame oil and lots of sriracha instead of chile-sesame oil.


Exhibit B: Yummy veggies with some raw zucchini ‘hummus’. (inspired by recipes in Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen). Honestly, I wasn’t ultra keen on the zucchini hummus, although I’m not too keen on raw zucchini in general. (why I made this, I’m not sure…) In any case, it inspired me to eat all those veggies in one sitting, so that was good!


Exhibit C: Cookies!

First up, Averie’s raw chocolate chip cookies – I used cacao nibs in place of any sort of chocolate chip. I liked the crunch, but the taste of cacao nibs is a little…unexpected. Besides that, these are delicious – I love them straight out of the freezer. I usually make very small cookies, because I’d much rather embrace my love for seconds sevenths and still feel dignified than end up feeling horrible.


Second, GF peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from Just the Food. You may recognize these because they were featured on one of the Vegan MoFo International Headquarters daily roundups! In order to get 6 teeny tiny perfectly delicious cookies, I made 1/8 of the recipe. These are SO peanut buttery – if you love peanut butter as much as I do, you’ll love these. πŸ™‚


Exhibit D: One of my favourite foods – grapefruit! No picture, but I am SO excited for citrus season! During the winter when grapefruit is cheap (and not from a different continent!), I go through SO many. Yum!

Hope everyone is having a stellar weekend!