I like reading posts like this on other blogs, so I thought I would give it a try.

What I’m Eating:

Lately my schedule has been pretty busy, so I find it much easier to make up a few recipes over the weekend to mix and match for meals throughout the week. Here’s what I went with this past week (no pictures because they really didn’t do justice to the recipes at all):

Simply Recipes Vegetarian Chili (minus the spiciness, and next time I would probably leave out the fennel seeds)

A veganized version of Heidi’s Broccoli Quinoa and her Lentil Soup

Baked Root Veggies with Orange Spice Sauce from ExtraVeganZa

Baked Spaghetti squash with homemade Parma

What I’m reading:

Unfortunately, with school, I don’t get much ‘fun’ reading in, but one of my required ‘texts’ is actually quite a good read, so I am sharing it here:

Freedom Next Time by John Pilger

So far, a very good read, although if you are anything like me, I wouldn’t suggest it as your morning commute read as there are definitely tear-inducing and majorly frustrating parts (haha, think thiiiisclose to shouting out loud just because I am so frustrated with what’s going on) but definitely an eye opener.

Crafty Projects I am Eyeing:

Mr Flurry

(Picture courtesy of DiniKnits on Ravelry)

Mr. Flurry

This scarf. I am hoping to knit it up in a deep plum yarn for my mom for Christmas.

Recipes I’m hoping to try:

Another Granola Recipe (although I am thinking of saving this for christmas when I am home and with the granola conisseur again)

Veganizing these scones

What I’m Listening to:

A selection of online holiday music. Beware, I LOVE Christmas and am just getting myself into the holiday spirit! 🙂 (Sorry to those of you who don’t celebrate it, I respect that everybody is different and I love to hear about what others celebrate (and I would love to be directed to your blogs etc. to read about it) but for me Christmas is special, so I will be engaging in holiday overload here in the next little while)

What I’m Inspired by:

Among other things, all the lovely decorated homes from last years Christmas Tour of Homes. So many ideas brewing!