I’ve been MIA for quite a while now, so here’s a short and sweet recap of all my winter break festivities!

We had the most UN-white Christmas this year (it wasn’t even cold!) in my neck of the woods, but I felt festive anyways because I set up a little tree in my apartment. Isn’t it cute? Do you spy Mr. Frosty hiding near the bottom?

I did a tonne of knitting, mostly for gifts. There was a scarf with reversible (!) cables…

……and matching mittens:

The aforementioned Mr. Frosty…

…..and Sheldon the turtle:

A scarf with near-magical reversible vertical stripes (2 colour brioche stitch):

I learned how to crochet too (finally!), but there are no pictures to document that….

There was a delicious christmas supper, with characteristically bad lighting:

Salad with chilled Maple Balsamic Dressing (Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan), wild/brown rice pilaf with mushrooms, raisins, and almonds, smashed sweet potato with raw cranberry orange relish, and Eggplant Moussaka (Veganomicon).

Mugs of hot chocolate with sweet and sara marshmallows were consumed…

…as were countless bowls of soup. I think I may have eaten soup nearly every day for the past month, and my addiction shows no signs of waning. Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews by Nava Atlas is great for recipes and inspiration.

And although the christmas tree has since come down for the year, I have secured at least a year month supply of candy cane lane. That stuff is goooood.

And finally, there were many fun things that my camera wasn’t around to capture: having my boyfriend home from his american school for an entire month, skiing, skating, day trips to Toronto and suppers at Fresh, marathon Buffy and Angel watching (geek!), homemade mochas, novels, and generally, good times!

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things tomorrow – a late start to a new year, but better late than never, right? I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season as well! 🙂