A Canadian talking about ice-cream in the dead of winter!? I know, how absurd! It is supposedly an el Nino year though… But upon the arrival of my Vita-Mix I just had to try out the blending of frozen goods, which used to be a huge no-no but something I was always itching to do-throw a wad of ice cubes and frozen fruit in the blender and presto! Alas, presto-broken blender wasn’t exactly the outcome I had in mind. Anyways, Vita-Mix can handle frozen stuff, so too bad if the weather outside is frightful, I’m going to give it a go! I’m pleased to say that it handles frozen fruit splendidly and this method definitely beats salivating over an ice-cream maker for 30-40 minutes.

So, onto the recipe. Honestly, this is hardly a recipe, but here goes if you want to give it a shot, or bookmark it for a few months down the road (or half a year…) when the weather is more appropriate.

1 cup frozen mango chunks

1 cup frozen raspberries

1/2 cup soymilk

1 tsp vanilla extract.

Are you ready for this? Throw everything into the vitamix and blend. I started on variable, turned the dial quickly to 10 and then switched to high. Then I took the pusher stick thing (or whatever it is actually called) and shoved the fruit down into the blades until it was fully blended. The photo is the ice cream straight out of the blender, which was soft serve consistency, if you want it thicker, pop it into the freezer for a bit.

Quick, delicious, and WAY more nutritious than any grocery store find!

Alas, I won’t be making this again anytime soon. The last time I tried to make it I some idiot decided it would work waaay better to remove the lid and use the pusher tool that way. Not smart- the Vita-Mix is very powerful (duh!) and can, and will, gobble up the bottom of the pusher tool when it touches the blades. Novel concept, they built it so that when you use it through the lid, the bottom doesn’t reach the blades. Here’s hoping there is a stupid clause built into the super warranty…