Once, on a vegan blog, the author explained that she read comments on news sites because she was a glutton for punishment. I figure she must be right, because I can think of no other explaination for why I feel compelled to read through pages and pages of outstandingly inane and offensive comments. Most recently, the comments on an article about the antics of PETA were such that I couldn’t resist posting my own, simply stating that one should avoid making sweeping statements – after all, many vegetarians, vegans, and animal rights activists don’t approve of PETA’s shock tactics. My comment garnered a personal reply from one individual, who informed me: “If YOU don’t want to consume animal products, that’s fine…but I do…and I couldn’t care less the means at which the steak gets from the pasture to my plate!!!” Couldn’t care less? Really?

In any case, he goes on to explain “As soon as you can convince a bear to stop catching and eating fish…I’ll turn!!! And as you’re trying to convince Mr. Bear and he starts to maul you…I’ll try to convince him not to kill/eat you…won’t shoot him though. Sounds ridiculous…right???”

…..Well yes, it does, but not for the reasons I’m assuming you’re going for….

I can’t handle the flame wars that people get drawn into on anonymous message boards. Needless to say, the comment section of this particular article was full of hatred. Many people were calling for beating PETA members, bashing them senseless, sending them to hell, and so forth. Honestly? Yikes. When I read things like this, I feel jittery and anxious. I’m not sure where all these angry, nasty people hide out. Is it a club? Do they have meetings? Does anyone want to let me know, so that I can stay far, far away?

In any case, I could never deal with that sort of aggression face to face, and for that reason, I know I’ll never do any real activism, even though veganism is something I do feel very strongly about. In the meantime, I’m going to think happy thoughts and try not to consider the plight of humanity.

Roasted broccoli helps.

One bunch broccoli, washed, trimmed, and sliced. Tossed with sesame oil and soy sauce (or tamari/braggs), and roasted at 450F until browned around the edges.

Will convert even the most broccoli-shy person, myself included.

I promise.