Sushi, Salad and Soup! Seems like thats all I’ve been eating lately, barring breakfast.

Last week I picked up a HUGE container of organic leafy greens. When I say huge, I really do mean it, it was a 2lb container and I honestly could hardly fit it into my (apartment-sized) fridge. However it was $2 more than a 1lb container so I really couldn’t resist, and since I finished it up today for supper, I would say it was a wise investment. Regardless, it has resulted in a salad-heavy diet lately.

Orange, Almond and Poppyseed Salad

Salad with Roasted Root Veggies


Like I have mentioned before, I like making up big batches of food on the weekend so I don’t have to do much preparation for meals. Soups, stews and chili’s are always excellent choices, particularly at this time of year. My soup of the week was the Sweet Pepper Coconut Corn Chowder from ExtraVeganza along with Heidi’s Lively Yourself up Lentil Soup.

First time for the corn chowder, I liked it despite using half the coconut milk in the recipe. Next time I might try blending up some dried coconut with water to add to the soup. Also, because I used full-fat coconut milk, the fat crusted onto the top of the soup when stored in the fridge which wasn’t terribly appetizing, however a quick stint in the microwave remedied that, but just a note if you plan on eating it cold.


I’ve made the lentil soup many times before and am a big fan. I always leave out the saffron yogurt, although someday I really think I should give it a go, since I could see some people finding the soup a bit lacking in the flavour department the way I make it.


The sushi was kind of a random addition. Pardon the photo, there is a much nicer one over with the original recipe. I saw Ricki’s post and since I have always wanted to try making raw sushi and I liked her use of almonds rather than the usual cauliflower or pine nut concoction (though I do intend to give those a fair try someday too), I figured I would make up a batch. Well, if you have the ingredients on hand, and even if you don’t, I highly reccomend her recipe! Although you might also consider doubling the recipe, as it sure didn’t last long around here. Another note, I made these up the first time using drained oil-packed sundried tomatoes which I really enjoyed. Second go around (see, I told you they were good!) I used store-bought sundried tomatoes and I wasn’t as a big of a fan. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that the packaged dried ones have a strange flavour (I don’t know if it is some chemical used in the preservation process or what) and I could definitely taste it in the sushi. Regardless, I still managed to demolish that batch fairly rapidly, but I might go for either drained oil-packed or Ricki’s homemade method of oven-dried tomatoes.   


In other, non-food related news, the Olympics are so close! Maybe it’s because Canada is so hyped up about having them, but I am getting excited! I kind of feel like I shouldn’t likethem, since there are so many ethical problems associated with them but I can’t help but get all wrapped up in the worlds countries coming together and participating peacefully in making some people’s dreams come true!

How about you folks; Olympics, yay or nay?