Amazing Grass was once a product
that poor old me, I’d not heard of!

But Oh She Glows, good blogger she
once offered us a code for free
that took full 40 percent off
a big ol’ tub of grassy stuff.

I ordered once, and was most smitten –
my smoothie consumption had risen!
I plowed right through that big container
and bought some more, not four months later.

And now I must confess, at last
my rhyming skills are rather flat.
(My english grades of years gone by
were not particularly high.)

But Amazing Grass has stirred in me
(with talent worthy of a fee)
a strong desire to express
my emotions quite like the best.

Shel Silverstein? Dr. Suess?
Now lucky you, there’s me, to boot!

Anyways, enough of this,
it’s time to get right to business:
Amazing Grass’ reward programme
is making me how thrilled I am.

After shipments two and four
a t-shirt and a product more!
Free shipping and a discount off
every three months of product cost.

But look at this! All this loot!
Hardly expected, it made me hoot.
My first shipment, and just my luck
I’ve received a sipping cup!

And all those bars and samples too!?
Amazing Grass, I think I love you!
But wait, what’s this, I must insist
what is THIS doing in the ingredient list??

Egads!, now you’ve made me cringe
you went and put some DAIRY in!?
Amazing Grass, I thought you’d know
that dairy really, really blows?

Come, now really, you must agree
that excluding vegans is downright silly.
Of all things, you ought to know
I like vegan bars near as much as I like poems!

So anyways, to conclude
these products cause me to exude
enthusiasm and good health!
(for a small portion of my wealth.)

And no, dear readers, in case you’re wondering,
(though I doubt questions are rumbling)
I’m merely speaking my opinion –
most certainly not a company minion.

Though AG, if you’re reading,
Co-blogger K’s curiousity is seething.
I suspect she’d write a review quite pleasing
quite without any of this literary seizing.