I know, I know it’s cruel to post this picture, but it sounds like it’s in the cards for the rest of the world here pretty soon, so here are some pretty spring flowers for you. Maybe it will make you feel better to hear that the past two days when it was super nice I spent lying on my floor reading textbooks and then the day that I finally had plans for outdoor activity it was gross and rainy.

In other news, I finally ran out of nonvegan toothpaste so went and purchased some Toms of Maine toothpaste so I thought I would give a review of it. 

First the good:

-I love that the ingredients are listed out, and are such a short list, along with their purpose and source.

-The box is printed with soy ink and is made out of 100% recycled paper, hooray for environmental stewardship! 🙂

-I am not sure what ingredients cause this but I found that my teeth felt really smooth and ‘clean’ after using the toothpaste and that feeling lasted through the night (when I brushed before bed) which I found to be very different from the toothpaste I had been using before.

-You don’t require a lot of toothpaste to brush your teeth, sometimes I find that natural products require you to use more of them to acheive the same benefit as the regular product they are replacing, but that is not the case at all here. A pea sized amount has been working just fine for me!

Aaand the bad:

-The particular toothpaste I purchased is not 100% vegan! This was partially my fault but I am dissapointed. I looked on the box and saw the happy note saying the product doesn’t contain animal ingredients and that they don’t test on animals, so I took their word for it and didn’t scrutinize the ingredient list. Then when I got home and was telling Eve about it she let me know that one variety wasn’t vegan, and of course, it was the one I had purchased. The very last ingredient ‘propolis’ is listed to have been collected by bees. Now obviously that isn’t lard or anything, but I do feel like I was misled by the packaging. So for those of you that have an issue with such products, don’t buy the Fluoride-free baking soda variety (or any variety with propolis)

-Size vs. cost. I think this is something that you can’t really get away with when buying natural and vegan products, but the toothpaste was obviously more expensive than Colgate or your generic brand and the tube is smaller. (see picture for a comparison) That being said, I was pleased to see that I didn’t need to use twice as much for similar cleaning power.

Lastly, not really a good or bad thing, but the texture of the toothpaste is different than conventional toothpaste, which does take a bit of getting used to. It is thinner in consistency and doesn’t have the same foaming kind of feel that we are used to with regular toothpaste, but I don’t think those affect the quality of tooth cleaning, just something to get used to. So overall, I am quite pleased with my purchase, but I do recommend you keep reading your labels, don’t let your guard down just because of a happy looking note on the box!

Any other vegan toothpastes (or products in general) you have tried that are great and I should look for?