A few weeks ago I won a blog contest for a years subscription to Purely Delicious Magazine, a raw food and eco-lifestyle magazine. I was super excited about it but figured it would be a few months before I would actually get my hands on the first issue, so I was incredibly surprised when early last week the magazine found its way into my mailbox! I don’t think I have ever had a magazine arrive that fast (and it was shipped from the U.S.!!)

The magazine is very visually appealing; all the pages are glossy with gorgeous photos and is printed on recycled paper with vegetable based inks. Two thumbs up for all that from me! šŸ™‚ Just goes to show that green doesn’t need to mean substandard; this magazine is far nicer than many other non-green magazines I have seen.

TheĀ contributing authors are a nicely varied group with some big name raw people (not that I know very much about that at all, but I did recognize Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch) and in this issue alone thereĀ are several holistic health counselorsĀ , raw food educators, a culinary school graduate, and a nutritionist. Ā There are a variety of recipes (complete with mouthwatering photographs-I love this, I am such a visual person!) as well as other articles (charity spotlight, article on yoga, the impact of your diet on the environment, recycling, and sprouting). I was pleased with the wide variety of subjects they touched on and I look forward to seeing the content of future issues.

As for the recipes, I have yet to make any, although I do intend to (I will let you know when I do) but most of them are not quick and easy which is the major downside I see to making gourmet type raw food. Sure it looks beautiful and tastes delicious, but it might take you two days to make it. That said, not all the recipes fall into that category; there is a nice looking beet recipe that only requires 20 minutes of marinating and a salad that requires no special tools or procedures, but the stunning chocolate mousse cake you were drooling over is going to require a chunk of your time. To be fair though, nowhere does the magazine imply that it is for people who are new to raw foods or that things are going to be quick and easy.

All in all, Purely Delicious looks like a winner of a magazine and I am looking forward to learning more about raw foods as my subscription continues.