A little while ago I won a giveaway from Keri at I Eat Trees! The tote bag (and bonus pin!!) I won arrived today, and I can hardly wait to fill it up and lug stuff around town! It is huge, durable, and the straps are the perfect length for looping over my shoulder, so I know it’s going to get used all the time. Thanks so much Keri, you totally made my day! Make sure you check the I Eat Trees Shop, because these graphics are way too cute! 🙂

This is the very last piece of a pan of Happy Herbivore’s infamous (or maybe just famous!) Black Bean Brownies:

This bite was literally on it’s way into my mouth when I realized I should probably take a photo! I may or may not have more black beans soaking at this very moment, specifically to make another batch! This time, I’m think I’m going to try adding oat flour instead of whole oats, as I think the smoother texture might be more up my alley. As an aside, I totally think that this recipe would be beyond fabulous baked as a pudding (with only a bit of oat flour?) and eaten warm. And of course, they make awesome brownies!

Other exciting, but less food related things:
1) I’m counting down the weeks until my boyfriend and I are moving to British Columbia! We’re moving at the very end of May, and I seriously can’t think about anything else these days! Moving out west has been our plan for the future for so long, and the future is finally here!! Well, almost. Are there any readers in BC? Hellooo? 🙂
2) If you’re like me and have no interest in paying gym fees (or um, sweating in front of other people), the workouts at www.bodyrock.tv are amazing! They are quick, intense, effective, and use mostly bodyweight exercises – I really can’t say enough good things! I think Zuzana (the woman behind bodyrock.tv) has been getting some attention because her videos are super popular on youtube (perhaps mostly among the male crowd?), but once you get past her choice of workout attire, she seems really genuine and knowledgeable. And of course, she is super fit! 🙂