In case the dearth of posting lately hasn’t clued you in, both Eve and I have been rather preoccupied as of late with other commitments. Such is the life of a student at the end of the term. Fortunately, yesterday marked the day of my last exams. I have had plenty of ideas swimming around in my head for a while now, and I am finally able to start putting them into action guilt-free which will hopefully make for exciting blog fodder. Alas, the aforementioned exams have been taking up the vast majority of my non-ballet time as of late, so here isย a quick pictoral view of my life over the past few weeks (okay, well maybe skimming over some things, but thats how it felt!)

Textbooks, notes, and more notes. Fun times.


Yes those notes are written in super tiny writing. For one of my exams we were allowed a hand written, one sided cheat-sheet, and since my claim to fame has been itty bitty writing for basically my entire schooling years, I put it to good use! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pointe shoes! I actually took this picture just because I was amused at the huge difference between my shoes after I had sewn the ribbons and elastics onto a new pair. Old, well-loved, pairย on the left andย  brand spanking new on the right, unfortunately for my pocketbook it takes an impressively short time to get from the latter to former, and those puppies are pricey! Ah the life of a starving artist! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (okay, well starving notsomuch, I will gladly give up plenty of other things in lieu of good food!)

In other news, I have decided I need to catch up on my pleasure reading which has been nonexistant while I have been doing school courses. I would love to hear any book suggestions you might have (I am up for both non-fiction and fiction, really anything that comes with a recommendation!) so let me know in the comments.