I suspect this blog post might not make it under the deadline for an extra entry in Ricki’s stevia giveaway, but that’s ok! I wanted to blog about the brownie recipe she posted, because a) it is super yummy and b) it is super unusual.

I knew I wanted to make the brownies as soon as I saw the post, but didn’t get to it until a few days later. I felt like I was making a science experiment (and I had the messy kitchen to prove it!). Here’s the wet part of the recipe pre-blending:

I was curious to see how all the ingredients would end up once blended, so here’s photo evidence of  the totally passable brownie batter results. I couldn’t stop licking the spoon!

Ok, in hindsight that is a really unappetizing picture. But you get the idea, right? Dark brown, almost billowly, intensely chocolatey? Good. Carrying on!

I tried the brownies before they were completely cool, and here’s where it gets strange. When I bit into a chunk, it seemed quite bitter, but while chewing they were definitely sweet seeming. However, they left a VERY bitter aftertaste. The recipe instructs you to leave them in the fridge to cool completely, so I popped them in overnight. Today, they are totally different! Maybe it’s because they’re cold, or maybe it’s because they sat overnight, but for whatever reason, there is no bitterness at all today! Obviously, what I should take away from this is that people that know what they’re doing know what they’re doing, and I should probably follow their instructions. Since, y’know, they know what they’re doing. 🙂

Anyways, stevia in general seems to hit the ‘sweet’ spot on my tongue quite far back – way further back than sugary sweet things.  I was speculating that maybe since the bitterness of the brownie was registering on my tongue in a different spot than the stevia sweetness, that might be why the uncooled brownie seemed so bitter when I wasn’t actively chewing a bite. I ran my theory by K, and she claimed she hadn’t noticed that aspect of stevia (she did mention that she gets a licorice-like aftertaste, which I’ve never noticed), so maybe I’m just nuts? Has anyone else noticed where they seem to pick up on the sweetness of stevia?

In any case, my verdict?

Yum. Totally moist and dense/chewy, and you’d never guess that they were made with beans and vegetables. Healthy desserts are amazing! 🙂


-blended everything but flour/carob/leaving agents/salts all at once, demonstrating yet again my inability to follow instructions (but it seemed to work out ok?)
-used pumpkin puree instead of sweet potato
-my milk wasn’t unsweetened
-used a mixture of almond butter/tahini
-used a mixture of agave/yacon syrup (how delicious is yacon?? Mmm….)
-35 stevia drops