A few weeks ago one of my best friends came over to teach me how to make gado gado, an Indonesian street food dish (however, if you had asked me what it was called prior to her arrival, you would have been told ooga booga or some other baby babble sounding variation- for some reason I had a really hard time remembering the name!) and I had great plans of blogging the whole process. I apparently overestimated my multitasking abilities, so I have plenty of pictures of the process and final product and an ingredient list but no definite measurements. Luckily it is one tasty dish and earlier this week I had a go at recreating it and did a bit of a better job at taking notes. Really though, this is one of those dishes that pretty much anything goes, so I am giving you my version of her sauce recipe and the rest is up to you and the contents of your fridge!

Chopped veggies to be roasted (they get marinated first in a soy sauce, ginger and garlic mixture if I recall correctly). This would be three small potatoes, one onion, three carrots, and 1 large sweet potato. The second go around I used potatoes, onion, carrot, sweet potato, and cauliflower and when Eve made it recently she also used beets so really, just throw in whatever veggies you have!

Tofu bacon marinating in soy sauce and liquid smoke. I didn’t make the tofu the second time around, which speeds up the process, but I bet you could also throw some cubed tofu in with your veggies for fewer dishes.

Toppings prepped: grated beet and carrot (1 small beet and 1/2 a carrot)

Fresh herbs (green onion, parsley, and cilantro) with blurriness for your added enjoyment

Lemon Tahini Sauce:

1/3 cup tahini paste

1/4 cup lemon juice (you might want to start with less-I like lemon juice and tart things!)

2 teaspoons minced garlic

2 tablespoons ground cumin

1-2 teaspoons paprika

pinch of cayenne pepper

agave (optional)

Mix tahini, lemon juice, garlic and spices together. Add water to thin it out (I probably added 1/4 cup, this really depends on the consistency of your tahini and how thick/thin you want your sauce) and taste as you go. My friends original recipe called for agave, which I didn’t use the second time I made it, but taste it and see what you think.

Basically to serve it, you top your roasted veggies with the tahini sauce and toppings. For my second go around, after doing some additional research, I learned that it is often served as a salad so I started with a bed of spinach and piled everything on top of that. Really good if your veggies are still hot so the spinach gets a bit wilted.

And that my friends is the result of my first introduction to gado gado. Do give it a try and if you have your own recipe for it or must have ingredients, please let me know in the comments.