The breakfast buffet at the hotel I stayed at was good but not great for vegans, with the options being basically a selection of fruit and oatmeal. However, they did have a waffle making station and I was inspired to sneak in my own waffle batter to make a delicious vegan breakfast. Having never made waffles before, I did a bit of research before embarking on my vegan breakfast quest and came across this recipe which I then modified to suit the ingredients I had on hand. I had it in my head that these would be gluten free, however after consulting my resident gluten free expert, I found that kamut flour is not, in fact, gluten-free.

3/4 cup kamut flour (or use a gluten free flour for gluten free waffles)

1/2 cup all purpose gluten free flour (my mix contains garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, and fava bean flour)

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 tablespoons Chocolate Vega Smoothie Mix

2 tablespoons coconut palm sugar

1 1/4 cup soymilk (or other non dairy milk)

1 tablespoon almond butter (or other nut butter, I bet it would be delicious with hazelnut butter)

Mix together all dry ingredients in a bowl. This mixture can be made in advance and stored for quick waffle batter. Once ready to make waffles, stir in soymilk and almond butter until all ingredients are fully combined. Scoop out a cupful of batter and pour into waffle maker, following manufacturers instructions. This made three large waffles for me.

I actually ended up storing the extra batter in the fridge overnight and using it the next day. I found that I needed to add additional soymilk to acheive a pourable batter again, but the waffles cooked up wonderfully the second day as well.

Pear Topping

1 pear, sliced thinly

3 tablespoons coconut palm sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional, I didn’t have it but I bet it would add some nice flavour along with some spices- cinnamon and cardamom maybe?)

Place pears and sugar in saucepan over medium heat. Stir until the sugar has completely melted. Pour over waffles. This barely topped two waffles for me so I would suggest doubling the recipe if you are making the full waffle recipe to be topped.