Here is take #2 on Gardein products. This time we’re talking about the Tuscan Chicken breasts.

Again I was drawn to the wholesome ingredient list and impressive nutritional profile (80% of B12, 40% iron in one serving? sign me up!). I cooked these in the frying pan as suggested on the package which yielded a bit of a crispy exterior which contrasted nicely with the er, meaty interior. I opted to chop it up into chunks and put it in salad, which I found quite tasty.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product. These in particular made for quite easy travel eating as I could cook them up and then stick them in the fridge for later and still enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal whenever I wanted. I think this might be the key to Gardein products, using them IN a recipe rather than just eating them alone as one might do with a meat product. For the Tuscan chicken breasts I would say the only real downside is the cost.

Next time I see it on sale pick some up, I am going to have to try out some of the recipes from the Conscious Cook that utilize Gardein products.