Wowee, I haven’t been doing so well with the whole once a day blogging business this week but I am attempting to make up for my bad behaviour by blogging over the weekend. Alas, today I don’t have much for ya, the day was more about Nutcracker rehearsals (can you believe how close the holidays are!?) and schoolwork than exciting foodstuffs. Despite that, I whipped up this lunch which was one of those “gaze into the fridge to see what kind of ingredients can be mixed together with minimal chances of gastrointestinal distress down the road.

I am calling it Spaghetti Squash Primavera, but really think spaghetti squash plus random other veggies and nooch. It was pretty good (could have used some more spices I think, and maybe some onions) and got rid of quite a few items that had been languishing in the fridge for far too long so I would call it a success!

I used about four cups of cooked spaghetti squash that had been living in the fridge destined to be eaten with tomato sauce until I realized I was out of canned tomatoes, mixed in with a couple of drained oil packed artichoke hearts (the huge jar taking up valuable real estate in the fridge is now finally gone! :D), some sun dried tomatoes, and a baggie of kale that was waay past its prime. Sauteed the artichokes and sundried tomatoes, then tossed in the chopped kale and finished off by adding in the squash (really to heat it up since the frying pan was already dirty) and then topped it off with dried basil, parsely and oregano and copious amounts of nooch.

Back tomorrow with chocolatey reviews! 🙂