Whew, February was a bit of bust in terms of blogging and all in all it seems like the month flew by! Its been pretty busy though and I thought I would do a bit of a recap here even though it is wholly un food related (hopefully someone out there finds this interesting!) but I promise I have a couple of exciting foodie things to share with you in the next little while. 🙂

So here goes my photographic recap of the weekend insanity that was February:

Whirlwind weekend trip to the great white north for a family wedding. Okay so it wasn’t really the great white north (the people getting married actually live in the Yukon and it was purported to be -50 there the day of the wedding so I can’t talk) but compared to the weather I’m used to now, it sure seemed like it. Winter coat, long sleeved dress (didn’t matter, I was still freezing on the walk between the car and venue), boots (vegan!!), fancy shoes, and non dressy warm clothes galore! I also managed to squeeze in a visit to an all vegan restaurant too (recap on that soon!) which served as a lovely contrast to the hotel restaurant that was very swanky but managed to have zero vegan options (not even the proverbial iceberg lettuce and carrot shred salad!).

Show time! This weekend was a particularly glorious one with three shows and a midterm for a class I had to miss several lectures for due to rehearsals. Needless to say I was kind of stressed! Pictured is my preshow layout: school materials for cramming during free time, dance attire including two pairs of show tights in case one gets ripped (tights which happen to be about $40/pair – do they not realize dancers have no money!?), water bottle, prepared show shoes and an extra pair just in case, super classy produce bag of makeup (I actually have a nice folding makeup case but its just so big and when I have to bring so much other stuff to the theatre it just doesn’t seem worth the space), hair paraphenelia, evening dress plus jewlery for the gala reception after the show (can I just say that I have never watched the oscars but I always am vaguely in touch because I love to ogle all the pretty dresses afterwards!)

Prepping show shoes involves what is called ‘pancaking’ them, which basically means matting the satin so they aren’t as shiny and are the same colour as your legs (the idea being that they will then elongate your line). To do that, we use either calamine lotion, or white shoe polish mixed with foundation (the cheapest kind you can buy! ;)). If you pour the foundation into the shoe polish, you can use the sponge to apply it to the shoes. Then you ideally let it dry for a day or so before wearing them.


School extravaganza weekend. It seems like wen it rains, it pours. I had something due for pretty much every class I am taking which coupled with my procrastination, ended up being quite the load of stuff to work through and to top it off, the backlight on my laptop screen died. This was my bedroom floor for pretty much the entire weekend: laptop plus external screen hookup (cumbersome and a pain in the butt but it sure beats what I did for the day and a half before that solution came up- holed up in my room with the blinds down and the light off with a lamp held over the top of my screen so I could just barely make out what was on it. I blame any future eye problems on you laptop!!), three courses worth of textbooks, assignment handouts, exam review sheets, lab writeup forms etc.

Hope February treated you well, and if not, here’s to a calmer March!!