Well, life has certainly changed a lot around here in the past few months! Full-time ballet has been replaced with a full course-load at University, a change that involved a move across four provinces.   So here I am, a more than 4500 kilometre drive across the country later, in a city where I don’t know a soul, about two years (if all goes well) from graduating. Apparently I’m an all or nothing sort of person when it comes to big life-changes!

Emerald Lake

My degree of choice (buckle your seat-belts folks, it’s a shocker) is …. Nutrition! So far I don’t have a good feel for the program since classes like Statistics and Biochemistry aren’t particularly nutrition specific. I am taking one class that is actually a hospitality class but it’s all about the reactions of cooking and baking and it involves a lab where you cook food (a fun class although not vegan friendly by any means).

Those changes have led to the development of bulk weekend cooking and kind of boring meals in general. However the term is almost over (I can’t believe it has flown by so quickly!) and I have a whopping three weeks off for the holidays, so I’m hoping that might result in some blog fodder. Also, exam break is coming up, and what better way to study for the aforementioned foods class than to mess around in the kitchen making up recipes?

So now I will leave you with some eye candy from a camping trip over the summer during the big move.

Takkakaw Falls (Yoho National Park)

Hope to be back soon with food!